Saturday, February 28, 2009


LLB and I were driving home from school the other day.
Mom, we did superlatives today.
Really? Those are fun. Tell me who you voted for.
Well, for Most likely to take over the world I chose my friend Robbie and myself.
Oh... Really?(there is nothing wrong with this kid's self esteem!)
For most athletic I chose my friend AS and J.
That's a good choice! (notice she didn't choose herself for this one...)
There were a few other choices and she told me her choices.
Then I asked if there were any others - there was one more...
For best eyes it was a toss up for the boys - Robbie's eyes change color but I chose HP's. HP has the prettiest eyes - he has little glaciers in his eyes.
Oh...(hmmm.... she must spend a lot of time looking into THOSE eyes!)
It is nice that she knows to look people in the eye when she's talking to them...

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