Monday, February 16, 2009

Just Stuff...

It's Monday - President's Day.
The kids don't have school, but I do. Fortunately, I don't teach until later on this afternoon.

LLB has a Spanish project about her "familia" that she needs to get done today. I'm sure we'll spend the morning finding pictures, cropping them, and typing up descriptions.

We are going skiing this coming Saturday at White Tail in PA. Anyone want to join us? We've got a group rate that gives you lift, rental, and lessons. The more the merrier! We're bringing lunch because they charge an arm and a leg - and we all know you need those items to ski.

I've got a few chores to catch up on today (and since the children aren't up yet, I might be able to get them done), so I'm going to make this short.

If you want to ski, let me know.
If you didn't know your kid had a Spanish project - now you do.


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