Sunday, February 08, 2009

Dinner anyone?

LLB and HP made District Band this year.
The director was a little weird, but then, most of them are... Their major complaint about this guy - he didn't say one word for the first 45 min. of their first rehearsal. They decided that his not speaking was particularly weird considering he COULD talk. His choice of music was also a little weird, but.. whatever...

So anyway, the concert was terrific. After the concert they both had Cotillion. We had some time to kill and it was dinner time so we were standing around trying to figure out where to go when J, R's husband, suggested Wegman's since it was on the way to Cotillion.

For those of you who don't know, Wegman's is a grocery store. But, it's not just any grocery store - it is open 24/7, has a food court, wine tasting, a furniture department, and more.

We arrived at the local Wegman's. It's a brand new store.
We walked in and J's mouth dropped. He turned to R and said, "This place is great!" (or something to that effect) R turned to me and said, "He doesn't get out much." LOL! I giggled! He gets out more than any of us...

Everyone scattered to find an appropriate dinner entree.
The following food items were on the table when we all sat down to eat: sushi, summer rolls, pizza, salad, Thai chicken, Indian chicken, Cashew chicken, fresh fruit, fried rice, lo mein and more. It was all delicious! And it was fast! We ate, laughed, chatted, and still had time to get the kids to Cotillion on time.

So - if you need a new dinner location - try your local grocery store. I know R and I are going to be taking a drive to this Wegman's now and then for lunch - we might even bring a few friends! It's not too far... And the food is great!

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