Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Blackberry Phenomenon

Does your spouse have a blackberry? The little technological marvel is also known around here as a "crackberry".
Mr. got one from his office so he can be more productive and work more than the allotted 18 hours a day.
At first I was happy.
Mr. was able to get email, talk on the phone when he needed to, and the reception out here in the boonies is terrific!

Now - I'm not so happy.
He has developed what I call the "crackberry stance". He stands, feet firmly planted, blackberry in hand, head bent over and thumbs frantically working the keys. He will no doubt need physical therapy to fix all the posture related aches and pains.

He as also developed "Blackberry ADD". This happens when we in the middle of a conversation - that he started! - when all of a sudden, he takes out his Blackberry, assumes the stance, and proceeds to ignore every thing coming out of my mouth. I have not changed the subject. I'm simply answering his question or asking for more information - for which, by the way, google does not have the answer.

He can be talking and simply switch over to "Blackberry mode". Everything and everyone in the vicinity now does not exist. The email is now the most important thing in the world.

My dear friend, R's husband has the same Blackberry issues. She told me this morning that she used to get upset, but now it's become a part of life - and it puts food on the table.

She has a very good point.
As long as he's on that Blackberry, he's collecting a paycheck.
I'm good with that.

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