Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Dress

We found a dress for LLB's cotillion ball.
It was a bargain at $39.
It is exactly what she wanted.
We had pulled into the grocery store parking lot and decided to check out the discount clothing store. We had just heard from the boys in the family. They told us that they needed another 30 min. before they would be ready to eat. (We were meeting the boys for sushi, thai, pizza, and lo-mein at the grocery store for dinner. Yes, R. I went without you... I'm sorry.) We figured we could sacrifice ourselves and do a little more shopping.
There was one dress in her size on the rack. She looked at it and knew it was "the one". It was just sitting there waiting for us!
It is a little black strapless number with a lace up back - I liked that - I can pull it tight to make sure it stays up. :-)
I need to find a few minutes to have her put it on so I can take a picture.
So - stay tuned. I'll get a picture eventually.

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