Sunday, February 01, 2009

Babysitter Extraordinaire

LLB has a new job. She is babysitting for 2 families in our neighborhood.
There are 3 children - 2 boys and 1 girl.
Last night was her first foray into the world of the younger set.
FYI: LLB doesn't normally "do" little kids. She finds them irritating and whiny.

In the afternoon before LLB was due to be picked up, she made them each a coloring book, with easy to color pictures, and she baked cookies for them to decorate. She was prepared.

They arrived a 5 to pick her up and off she went with her basket of cookies and magic bag full of crayons and custom coloring books.

Needless to say, she had a marvelous time and so did the kids. We will definitely put fewer cookies in next time - as they ate all 24 cookies. We thought they might save some for their parents. LOL!! That's a technicolor dream!

Their favorite part - the coloring books. Go figure! Well, she brought a box of crayons for each of them to use, so that's wicked cool!! They spent almost an hour coloring and when their parents arrived home, they couldn't wait to show what they had done. LLB was impressed and thrilled! (There is nothing better than impressing the parents with a 3 cent box of crayons and some pix pulled off the internet!!)

She made some decent cash. She felt that what the families paid was fair.
LLB is going back to sit for them on Valentine's day. She has already decided that she will make new coloring books for the kids - with red covers this time. She also said that she will put more pictures in there, because they asked her if she had more pictures for them to color. (She told them that she would bring more next time - oooh she is a smart girl!!)

She needs a nifty valentine craft to do - that isn't too messy. The children are K and 1st graders. You got somethin'?

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