Monday, February 02, 2009


Mr. got a new blackberry through the office. He LOVES it. And so do I! He's now using office minutes for office calls. Fortunately, we never went over our minutes and even if we had, we have those amazing roll-over minutes to cover it.

The rest of us have cell phones on the family plan with AT&T. LLB got Mr.'s old phone which has a couple of issues - the biggest being that it vibrated itself off the window sill (the only place in the house that gets signal) and into the sink - which had dishes and water in it. :-) It works - except for the * key. So... now we are looking into upgrading - we are at the point that we can upgrade for free - you all know how cheap I am. I have always had AT&T - for the last 7 years or so. But, I was wondering if a change might be in order... What cell service do you have? Do you like it? Why? Do you text? Is it worth the extra cash? We need to have 5 phones on the plan. Does that make a difference? Help me out here.

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