Friday, February 06, 2009

Kids are Funny!

We are selling chocolate lollipops in the shape of a rose at the school for Valentine's Day. The kids can send a chocolate pop to their friends or themselves - even. They can send it anonymously or not.

The kids are hysterical! They come up in pairs - especially the boys. They spend an inordinate amount of time writing their name and then they practically scribble the intended recipient's name. As if the recipient might happen to walk by and see his or her name being written... The funniest ones are the kids that send it to themselves. They all put "from a secret admirer". LOL!

Yesterday I had a girl come up with a dollar. She said, "So and so gave me this dollar and told me to send him a lollipop." Her friend who was already filling out a form, said, "Yeah, right!"
"Really, he did."
I didn't believe her and neither did her friend, but they dropped it right there. The friend had a little grin on her face, but the girl purchasing the candy - she had a big grin on her face...

The best one so far is this:
A young lady comes up to the desk. She pays her $1. She writes her name and her homeroom. She pauses. In the recipient's line she writes her homeroom teacher's name. She leaves. We parents think it is sooo nice that she sent one to her teacher. 30 seconds later she is back. "Can I have my form back? I need to change something."
We give it back. She crosses out her teacher's name and puts a boy's name down. She quickly hands it back and scurries away.

Yup. She wanted to put that boy's name down all along... we just knew it.

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