Friday, September 04, 2009

Are you ready for some...

Marching Band?

Tonight is the second game. The kids worked very hard all week to perfect the show and add in the second movement. I can't even wait to see it. They sure do sound good - you can hear them all over campus when they are practicing.
I just wish that they would march in the daylight so that my pictures weren't so dark... (It's all about the pictures, you know.)

The kids like marching band because it's fun. But, really, it's all about what they are going to eat next. They go out for dinner before the game. They eat homemade goodies, chips, and fruit during the game. They go out for pancakes after the game. Do you see what I mean?
When I asked the kids about the quantity of food that enters their bellies on a Friday night, they said, "Mom... We are HUNGRY! We expend a lot of energy. Besides, it's fun!" They do have a point. We have a great time with all the parents - especially at pancake time. That's when we are off duty (even though it's almost midnight) and we can laugh - a lot!

So, tonight I'll pass out uniforms, fix hair, fill water bottles, set out goodies, and generally follow the kids around snapping pictures.

I wouldn't have it any other way!

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