Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Clean & Green

I got a can of Clean + Green carpet & upholstery cleaner for cats and dogs as well as a can of furniture refresher in the mail a while back.

I've had this stain in my upstairs hallway for quite some time. I think it was a Zeb mishap from when he was allowed full reign of the house. Anyway, I decided to see if the Carpet Cleaner it might work on getting that ancient stain out.

I followed the directions on the can to the letter. I sprayed, I let it sit. I came back later and believe it or not - the spot was definitely lighter. I re-treated the stain and I have to say, this stuff is miraculous! The spot is gone.

There was another spot in our bedroom. I think I may have treated it a little too much because the carpet is now really clean - but it looks like a spot because it is so clean. My carpet is from 1986. Need I say more?

I also used the furniture refresher - it works miracles! It got the teenage boy stink out of his bedroom. Yes, I know it is for dog and cat smells, but I thought I'd give it a really tough job. It also got the dog stink out of the couch pillow... This Clean +Green Stuff is amazing!!

So - if you need something that really works - get this stuff!!

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