Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Things that make me go GRR!

I've had kind of a long week and yes, I know it's only Wednesday.

I am a handbell teacher at a nearby private school. I had a perfect replacement lined up for my recently retired colleague. They replaced her with a guy... Not my choice - But whatever... This is who they've wanted since before they hired me. I sure hope they know what they are doing. The person I wanted has better classroom control than I ever will, is a true perfectionist and accepts nothing but the best from her students, works harder than I ever have, and is an all around wonderful person. Alas, I am not the boss.

I got an email from LLB's English teacher. It had her grades for all of her assignments including a big fat ZERO - for classwork not turned in. I couldn't believe that she'd not turn something in as she likes that class AND there's the fact that if you don't turn in the work, you get a big fat ZERO which makes all the other 100%s you have absolutely worthless -- As in she should have had an A+, but instead has a big old C sitting there.
I emailed the teacher and asked as nicely as I could what the ZERO was all about and what exactly was missing.
Her response was "The missing assignment was an in class assignment, and I am assuming that one of her group members must have accidentally failed to turn in the paper. As soon as it is turned in I can give them at least ½ credit for it."
WHAT?? So, I emailed again and asked to have LLB removed from that group because I would not have her grade ruined by an irresponsible student.
That got the ball rolling inside the classroom - as I knew it would. See how slick I can be?
The teacher went to the students and asked if they had, in fact, turned in the assignment. And, of course, they had. Come to find out, the TEACHER had it the whole time - it was in the bottom of the paper collection box. She had missed it when she took all the other papers out. Because it was on the bottom. Because it was the FIRST ONE turned in... The teacher then told them that they would get full credit since it was her mistake.
Yeah... I'd think so.

I went to Costco today. The young and very strong lad loaded up our grocery items in boxes. He must have been delusional. Why does he think we can lift what he can lift? He can probably bench press my car! We are old. We cannot lift 50lbs of food and the laundry detergent he has placed on the top - not only can't we lift it, we can't lift it into the car. We are weak. We carry eggs and bread at the same time. That's it. He did this with all of our groceries - mine and Gram's.
My tip for the day: Buy stock in Ibuprofen.

Oh and one more thing...
I'm particularly pissy today.

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