Thursday, September 03, 2009

Meet the Teacher...

Tonight is "meet the teacher" night at the high school. This is first time in a couple of years we've had to "divide and conquer". Mr. will go to #1's teachers and I will go to LLB's.
We like to go to this evening because very few parents show up at all and we can get to know these people who see our children for 90 min. a day. It also gives us a sense of what the teachers are really like.
There are some teachers I think are best left to Mr. #1 has an English teacher with whom I went toe-to-toe last spring over scheduling and lack of communication between the then pit orchestra director and home. We worked our issues out - he saw my point of view and accepted that yes, his employee was a toad. This particular teacher is the one who charged Gram and Grandpa to see the musical when their "Gold Card" issued by the county school system should have gotten them in for free. Let me be clear: Grandpa didn't mind paying the $20, but there are some seniors who may not have an extra $20 to see a high school play. Grandpa did get an apology and then let him keep the $20 as a donation. At that point, the teacher didn't know that Grandpa was related to me, the woman who had made his life miserable. I, of course, couldn't let it go and emailed the teacher to let him know that Grandpa thought the play was well worth his $20 donation. By then the whole thing was quite hysterical at our house - we have a really sick sense of humor around here sometimes. Those of you who know me well, know that I'm still giggling about this whole incident. This particular teacher, though, has my admiration because he is the ONLY teacher who sent us an invitation to tonight's festivities. He cares about his students and is willing to go the extra mile... It really is a good thing that Mr. is going to this classroom. I don't think I could look the man in the face without giggling.

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