Friday, October 06, 2006

Tips Gladly Accepted

Wow! What a day I had yesterday!

I had a dentist appointment - that went great. The dentist office is in a hoity toity shopping area. The local Lexus dealer was giving free test drives. The staff in the dental office told me that if I test drive a car, they were giving out free $15 gift certificates to the shopping area - therefore free lunch. Do you think I test drove a Lexus? Nah. It was tempting for the free lunch, but I was by myself and I'm a Honda girl... I'm too cheap, too!

I went shopping for bras - can you say that in public? Okay, so I went shopping for intimate apparel. UGH! It's absolutely miserable. Do you know how many choices there are? I thought there were two kinds - those with wire and those without... OMG! I've been out of the loop! There are some with poof, some with smoosh, some with umpf, and there are even some that seem to be made out of cast iron!!! Oh the choices... Too many for this girl... I got totally confused. I called Mr. Bug in a panic.
"Mr. Bug, it's me. I'm bra shopping. You gotta help me! There are too many choices."
"Hmm... Did you see the ones that look like helmets?"
"Don't get those"
I giggled.
Yup, I ended up with white and boring....

Grambug finally got a call from the builder. He's trying to charge us a big chunk of change extra. That's pretty funny, huh? You can't get blood from a stone and you certainly can't get cash like that where there isn't any... Grambug is a whiz at dealing with people. I'm taking lessons...

I got a call from the president of my newcomers' club. (You remember that I foolishly agreed to do the newsletter? That was a HUGE mistake!) She called me and told me that she had some changes to the email addresses - she'd already sent them to me. Then she informed me that one lady was going to get email from now on - Now I know that this lady doesn't have a printer to print the newsletter (which is why she was getting it in the mail in the first place, she has a very small mailbox which fills in a split second, and she doesn't always get her emails read.) I told her that I'd be happy to send it via email, but the second it bounced (and it would) she was getting it in the US Mail once again. Then she said a few more things and I let her have it. Those of you who know me well, know it takes a lot to push me over the edge. I asked her why she was in the middle of it. I asked her why she didn't refer those people who are having trouble reading/receiving/printing the newsletter directly to me. It wasn't pretty... She got real quiet and then she snapped "bye" and hung up. I'd say I won that round...

It was so ugly that I think I'm going to resign my position. I don't need the crap and the pay - how can I say this nicely? - oh... that's right, it's a volunteer position - there is no pay! I did the newsletter for my old church for 10 years and didn't get half the crap I'm putting up with for this one...

So, my blogging friends, I need some help here - Give me some good resignation letter lines - and don't worry about not burning bridges - I want them to go up in some serious flames! I gotta dump this gig before I totally lose my mind!


Just D said...

right, there, that 2nd to last paragraph _ "and the pay? Oh,'s volunteer, I don't need this crap!" That says it all!

Melanie said...

I like "d"'s answer there! A polite "take this and shove it" always works wonders too! :)

Your bra shopping endeavor made me laugh out loud! Thanks! ;)

Katherine said...

Wow, what is going on over there! I think you should have bought yourself the super deluxe black lace push 'em up to there bra for having to deal with all of that. I know Oprah says we all wear the wrong bra size, but if the alternative is to have some stranger measure "the girls," then I guess I'll just keep wearing the wrong the newsletter - if you're not worried about burning bridges, just lay it on the line. Say for a volunteer position you're not willing to put up with continued hostility and negativity from Miss Nasty. Say that since Miss Nasty is not your boss, you don't feel you have to sit there and listen when she berates you for not doing things exactly how she wants them. Period. Say bye and don't look back!

Ramblins of a middle-aged goddess said...

I have two good words...I QUIT!! How is that idea!! I have volunteered and volunteered until it is coming out my ears!! One thing I have learned if you are in charge of volunteers then you have to learn how to handle them...THEY DO NOT GET want to keep them you have to TREAT them GREAT!! will lose them...Hmm!! I wonder if she understands this concept.
As far as the bra goes. I have looked and looked for years for a good one..finally at our Curves they had a lady come in and measure us that of course wanted to be...these are the bras that OPRAH says are great. I tried it and wow the results was good on me...(since the girls are definitely going SOUTH) These bras really take them back into the PERKY PATTY place where they belong!! They are expensive and I could only get one but they are great!!
Let us all know what you do Miss BUG!! Sandy

Renee Nefe said...

I decided to try on some bras at a Victoria's Secret once... bwah ha ha! Luckily I took DH with me for a second opinion. I tried on this italian number that has european after the translation it was decided what size I would need and we went into the dressing room. I slipped into it and practically fell right out of it too! DH & I were laughing at it. So I put my bra back on and DH says "That one looks much better!" So no new bras for me on that trip. I figured out later that for that style I need to go an entire size bigger...yikes!

As for the quitting it's hard to quit a volunteer position but the best thing to say is "This just isn't working out for me." They can't ever argue with that or try to convince you otherwise. That reminds me I gotta write a letter for a friend who got dissed big time for her volunteer job.

Anonymous said...

You should have taken a test drive...just for the fun of it!

I hate bra shopping! Hate. It. Bras never fit me properly and I hate those bras that leave half of my boob pratically hanging out for all to see. And expensive? My goodness!!! It should 't be
that hard to get undergarments that fit and don't cost more than half of the clothes I wear.

You're "builder" needs a good kick in the patooty! I'd volunteer for that, but NOT the newsletter job. Ugh.

Jane said...

Just tell that 'lady' that you have bitten off more than you can chew and you regret that you must give up being in charge of the newsletter. That's that!

Now, as for the bra shopping. I have a suggestion. Go to and you can fill out bra finder form and it tells you what size you should wear. You will probably be surprised, I was, but I bought the size they said and it fits MUCH better! Also, I ordered my bra from Victoria's Secret and I love it.

Melzie said...

You could always say "screw this" and I'm sure flames would be there. LOL!!! :)

Funny on the bra shopping, I always go boring... it's not like anyone see's it- anbd back in the day, I woudl wear fun ones just to laugh cause I knew I was-- now, who cares. Hubby certainly doesn't-- it comes off anyhow. ;)


craziequeen said...

You SO need this website....

I think you should try out the 'Just for Fun' one and see what it comes out like.....


Kim said...

I'm a bit more passive aggressive. Do the newsletter and make sure you do the following:

1)mispellt everthin
2)insert pictures that have absolutely nothing to do with anything.
3)"forget" to use punctuation
4) use really small type
5) have at least one link to Scientology and one to Playgirl.

Imagine how much you would giggle the entire time you were creating! They'll most likely ask you to relinquish the position, in a nice way of course, and it will be all their idea.