Saturday, November 04, 2006

Lunching with The Ladies

I went to lunch with some fellow bloggers yesterday!I met Beckie, Flip Flop, Lazy Daisy, and Melli!
They are not axe murderers - as some husbands and sons might think...

We laughed, we chatted like the old friends that we are, and had a marvelous time. We shared pictures - LLB actually has a head! Imagine that?! We shared stories. We laughed. We ate. We chatted it up - oh my! We sure did chat it up! Melli is a scream! She's funny, witty, and she can talk about anything. I wish Flip Flop lived closer... She and I had a ton in common. We scrap, we crochet - we just generally clicked. And I totally clicked with Daisy and Beckie, too. They live a little bit closer. I'm sure we will be lunching again!! I told them all that next time, they can lunch here at The Crossing. It's almost exactly half way for Melli and Daisy & Beckie. I'm sure I can convince Mr. Bug to serve up a gastronomic feast!

We had a super long lunch. Sadly, I had to leave earlier than the others to run an errand and get back in time to chaperone the Sadie Hawkins Dance. I had to support #1 Son's National Jr. Honor Society as well as make sure that LLB and HP were having fun and getting their pizza - the biggest slices possible. (I'm a good mom!!)

I'm sure you all want to know how LLB and HP did. They palled around for the whole dance. They danced some fast dances. They ate pizza. They drank some soda. They chatted a lot. LLB said she had a great time and that HP is a terrific guy. I'd say it was a very successful dance.

I know that today is Scavenger Hunt Saturday. The Ladies were all telling me that today's subject is Windows. Here is a picture I took on the way to lunch out my car window. (Yes, that is bug goo on the windshield.)


Susan said...

I am SO jealous...and agree with you that Flip Flop is just a sweet lady!! Glad you all had a great time. AND glad to know the dance went well. Have a great weekend.

:-) Susan

YellowRose said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Daisy is one awesome gal, isn't she? Isn't the blogsphere a wonderful thing...who know you could meet such great folks!

My photo hunt is up!

Renee Nefe said...

I'm so jealous...but then I get to see some of my blogger friends all the time because they're my friends in real life too. But it would be cool to go on a "blogger blind date."

Happy weekend.

craziequeen said...

I thought I recognised some of those pretty ladies.. :-)

Love, Missee Bug, from here in the UK..


Unknown said...

So cool to meet your cyber friends in person. The internet is a wonderful thing.

Crazy MomCat said...

Oh, I am so jealous of all of these bloggers who are meeting and getting to know one another in person! It sounds like such fun! Glad you had a great day and LLB had a successful dance!

Anonymous said...

How fun is that!! I am so jealous!
It sounded like a great time :)

MaR said...

How wonderful! I am reading all about this and you know how jealous we all are but so happy you even shared pics!!!