Sunday, November 05, 2006

Saturday Summary

I know that today is Sunday, but I thought I'd fill you in on my day yesterday.

I got up early and posted my blog article - complete with pictures! I had a cup of coffee with Mr. Bug while I did that.

Mr. Bug got #1 Son up and they went off to church for breakfast and the yard clean up. LLB came down. We fed Zebbie and Pumpernickel. Then we had our breakfast - I made us some yummy waffles. Oh - yes, I fed the fire as well.

We ran upstairs and got dressed so we could run off to get #1 Son around 10. They both have Jazz class on Saturdays at 10:30. In the mean time, Mr. Bug called and requested some ibuprofen for a sore arm. (He got his flu shot yesterday and we all know how much they can ache especially when one is raking leaves.) I brought him an appropriately large dose and a blottle of water in exchange for one handsome boy.
We arrived at the dance studio where I work and the children dance. I posted at least 30 payments, cleaned up the desk, hung some new signs and composed a letter for those individuals who didn't pay their bill. Don't people realize that if they don't pay their bills, we can't pay the studio rent??

We left at 12:15 and headed off to our favorite local fast food establishment - Mr. Bug had placed an emergency call to me - he was starving at the church and needed a non-nutritional tummy filling supplement. I obliged and filled our tummies, too. We arrived at the church with a couple extra burgers and fries (the eating establishment gave us a couple extras - somone's guardian angel was working over time!!) The guys were happy to share the extras and I headed home with the children.

LLB had to be back at dance at 3 for Nutcracker rehearsal. #1 Son played his sax while LLB took some quiet time in her room. She likes to go up there and play with her tiny toys - you know the ones you step on in the middle of the night.. yup, those. I cleaned up the kitchen and started on my Christmas cards. When I left with LLB at 2:45, #1 was starting to study for his Spanish quiz and his Math exam. I don't know if he continued to study or played his video games... I'd like to think he studied. His test grade will give us the answer...

I dropped LLB and ran off to meet Mr. Bug and the guys at their other favorite burger place that serves ice cold frosty beer. (I had a soda - only because I had to go back to the studio and post more payments.) The guys told us all about their mission trip to New Orleans. It was fascinating! I can't wait to see their slide show today.

At 4:30 I ran back to the dance studio and worked until LLB was finished. I think I got back in the car to come home at 6:21. LLB and I called home from the car and put in our dinner order with Mr. Bug. LLB wanted pasta. I'm always up for pasta!! My sweet Mr. had it almost done when we walked in the door. It was yummy, by the way.
I did some more cards while I chatted with Mr. Bug and the kids. Around 8, I plopped down on the couch with my kids. We watched a little TV - well, they watched and I attempted to crochet, but I actually checked my eyelids for leaks while my crochet project rested neatly in my lap. It's not a very productive way to crochet...

At 9, I tucked Zebbie in for the night and then I went upstairs to tuck my kids into their warm snuggly beds. At 9:45, I was out cold in mine.

Any questions?


Susan said...

Once again, you have me amazed. My only question remains, HOW do you all do it???? People ask ME this all the time. I think I'll send them to your blog to say, "You oughta see what Ladybug does...."

:-) Happy Sunday.

Jane said...

Well, I just want you to know that I need a nap after reading that!!! What a busy day you had.
You have started on Christmas cards.....You really know how to hurt a girl!!
Have a restful weekend.

Melli said...

Nope! No questions! I soooooo remember these kinds of days! You just roll on and on and never stop until ... BED! *snore* LOL! I got home from Daisy's today to find Krysti had learned to crochete whilst Mama was away climbing statues and other such nonsense this weekend - and she needed a ride to Walmart to get some more crochete supplies! While there with her, I also picked up 5 skeins of yarn and a new hook! Reckon I'm going to be starting a new little afghan here shortly! Krysti is crocheting cute little handbags!