Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tree Time

The tree is up. It is decorated. It is done. It is ready for Mr. Bug's train and some gifts.

It only took two days to get all the ornaments on the tree. We even left a few of the more hideous off. I can't find two of my favorites, though... I had two glass bubbles - they looked just like soap bubbles floating in the tree.

The lights... oh my... I used to string 1500 clear lights onto my tree every year. It was gorgeous once I got it done, but it was a long and lonely job. Fortunately, this is a pre-lit tree so I didn't have to spend another whole day stringing lights. Last year the Grandbugs gave us QVC dollars for our anniversary and we cashed them in for this stunning tree. It even has a remote control for the lights. No more climbing under the tree for the switch, plug, or whatever. I highly recommend it!

So now I'm thinking about ornament storage. I need something better. I need something where I can store the ornaments so that I can hang them more efficiently. I need to be able to store the heavier ornaments - the ones that go inside - so that I can get to them first. Then I need to be able to get to the wooden/not so fragile for the bottom of the tree and finally I need to access the fragile and more decorative ornaments for the upper 2/3 of the tree. Any ideas? Please remember that all of this needs to be lifted up (and down) the rickety pull-down attic stairs. I want it all... I know this...


marylou said...

Looks loverly!
Can't wait to see it in person!
Did you see that the long range forecast for Monday up here in the great north country is snow...drat! Cross your fingers that it means flurries so we don't have to delay our trip!

Anonymous said...

You're right....stunning is a great description!! I can't wait to get mine up this year. It's not remote control, but it IS prelit and I LOVE THAT!!

If you have time, stop by my cousin Lynn's blog and wish her a happy birthday today. I'd love to shower her with comments!!

:-) Susan

Renee Nefe said...

Our trees (3 of them) are all up. DD insisted and she did most of the work.

I'm taking a poll over on my blog, if you get a chance to stop by. Looks like your doing some fabulous Christmas shopping. I wish my DH would stand in line for me.

Katherine said...

Gorgeous! It looks really beautiful. I'll let you know when I finally finish mine and post a pic. You might try Target for some ornament storage options. I can't remember exactly what they have, but it seemed like a lot! We ended up just buying large rubbermaid containers - not too large as they have to be hauled up and down 3 flights of stairs! I just wrap everything in tissue unless I have the original box. Not ideal.

Ramblins of a middle-aged goddess said...

What a beautiful TREE!! WE have our little 4 ft one up now!! WE have a gorgeous one in a box downstairs but since we do not have a lot of company any more at Christmas it is not as much fun to decorate as it used to be when we had kids!! You will understand that some of these days but not for quite awhile I imagine..Have you read my blog lately? Go see what is going on with us. We are very sad here at our house. Sandy

Anonymous said...

WOW - Beautiful tree. If this one doesn't have 1500 lights on it, I'd LOVE to see the one that did! We haven't started decorating yet. Just call me scrooge!

Blessings to you today.

Crazy MomCat said...

Your tree is gorgeous!