Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday Memories

Monday Memories: Did I ever tell you About My Lost Present?

Denise over at Mental Excrements is having a tough time getting a package from UPS. It reminded me of my little issue with the US Post Office.

Last year, around this time, Grambug sent me a package via media mail. She told me to look for it. She said she sent it early so that I could enjoy it while I got ready for the Christmas Invasion. (My mommy loves me.)

Well, I got really busy with buying and wrapping and all the millions of boxes that my family was sending in - Christmas was here last year and I didn't have the space then that I have now. I was stashing boxes and piling presents faster than the elves up at the North Pole. I forgot about that package and so did she.

One day in late January I got a package. In it was a Spanish History Textbook written in Spanish. I looked to see who sent it and the return address was Grambug's. I knew something wasn't quite right, so I called her and asked her why she sent me a Spanish textbook. We laughed for a minute and then she said, "Did you ever get that book I sent you?" I sent it in the box it came in and I changed the shipping label. Well... That's when I knew that I'd been scammed by the USPS.

I flew down to the Post Office. The lady felt terrible for me, and I assured her that I knew she didn't take my book. The textbook came from a DC College. A very nice DC institution... GW in fact. I was sure that my present had been scarfed in DC at the big sorting center there. The Mail Lady told me to fill out all these papers and they would see about getting my book or some restitution.

Months later I got a call from the Post Office. Because Grambug had sent my BOOK via MEDIA MAIL, I could not get any $ back for it. Some schmo stole my present and I get nothing! She sent the book via media mail because that's how you are supposed to send books.

So, my book and booklight - wrapped in blue snowman paper - went to someone else for Christmas.

A word to the wise - don't use media mail...


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Just D said...

Oh bummer! I once sent my cousin a box of baby clothes - probably $100 worth of girly pink infant handmedowns. The box was damaged in transit and she got NOTHING. Which also means she couldn't return the one precious rosebud dress I wanted back... sigh. Tell Grambug to bring your present in person this year eh?

Anonymous said...

That sucks. It's getting to the point that if you want your package to get where is supposed to need to drive it there yourself. :(

Lazy Daisy said...

So duly noted. My mom is the feature of my Monday Memory too. Glad you are back in the land of the living. You were missied.

Anonymous said...

AWww! That's awfull! Tell Grambug to use insurance next time. They have to pay you...even for media mail. We used to see book on Amazon and used Media Mail always as it was the cheapest (although VERY unreliable..true).

Katherine said...

How awful! I have to say, I've never even heard of Media Mail?? So, I won't be using it! What was your book?

Ramblins of a middle-aged goddess said...

I used that not too long ago and sent some books to my mother in Arizona and they arrived great. It is cheaper too so that was my MAIN reason for using it. Sorry you had such a bad experience. OOPS!!
My Monday Memories is up too. I love this day. One of my favorites. I will probably be busy this time next week with company. Julie and family will be here all week.
Hope all is well with you guys. Feeling better I hope..Sandy

Renee Nefe said...

oops! I sent the book to you via media rate...I think. I hope it gets to you soon.

Jane said...

OH, that is terrible. I hope your mom got you another copy of whatever book she bought for you. Isn't it amazing that someone would actually open someone else's mail and replace what is in it and put it BACK in the mail. Sad, very sad.

Melzie said...

I never, ever, ever use media mail-- not even for ebay. How awful about your present-- soooo sad! :(