Saturday, September 22, 2007

Oh To Have A Social Life...

LLB and HP are good friends. They hang. They chat.
He annoys her. She irritates him.
They are like a little old married couple. It's quite funny to watch, actually.

Yesterday, they went to the first middle school dance of the year. They didn't dance much because the 8th graders were being 8th graders and the 6th graders were running around. (Trust me when I say my lifeguard training came in handy. I spent the afternoon yelling, "WALK! HEY!, WALK PLEEEASE!)

Then we went to dinner. LLB, HP, and I met Gram, Grandpa, and Mr. for dinner at our favorite little chinese place. We ate our fill and headed out to the football game to see #1 march. HP's younger sister, the Dancing Princess, ended up sitting down the row a little bit with her friends. (We were just off the 50 yard line, so I suppose that is why we sat near so many people...)

Gram and Grandpa took LLB and HP home after the half time show. LLB and HP have a busy day planned today. (It must be nice, really...) They have their cotillion class and then they are going out to dinner. Yes, you heard me. They are going out to dinner. These two have a better social life than I ever did!

As Mr. says, HP is setting up an impossible scenario for any future dates LLB might have. No boy can ever compete with this one. He wines and dines, he chats, he's funny, he's a genuinely nice guy, and he takes her to really nice places.

I can see it now. LLB is in college. Some boy asks her out and takes her for french fries at McDo. She will say to him, "Listen pal. You call this is a date? This is unacceptable. When I was 12, I was wined and dined at real restaurants. I was taken to movies and football games. You've really got to crank it up a notch!!"

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Monika @ Lovely Bookshelf said...

That is too cute! Maybe HP and LLB will still be a couple in college. Yeah, chances are slim, but ya never know! =)