Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things LadyBug Is Thinking About Today

1. LLB's doctor visit yesterday yielded a sinus infection and a possible bronchitis. We now have serious antibiotics and some nifty cough syrup. She is currently asleep and not coughing. What a wonderful sound - silence.

2. #1 has not gotten his science test back, but he is convinced that he is definitely not getting an A on that one.

3. It never ceases to amaze me how much some people in this family can fart.

4. Our kitten is getting bigger and more mischievous every day! She is nothing but trouble. Her latest escapades include climbing curtains, eating dog food, chasing Zebbie, and trying to escape to the outside. (That was just in the last 2 minutes.)

5. I am off to the Handbell Directors Seminar tomorrow. I can't wait! I always get a lot out of that seminar.

6. My handbell class is terrific this year. They are a great bunch of kids who are already working hard. I might lose one to the other class to even things out, but I'll handle it.

7. LLB and #1 are in The Nutcracker again this year. I would have loved for LLB to be Clara just so they could perform together on stage. It's all about the pictures and the scrapbook, you know...

8. We have our first church handbell rehearsal tonight. I love just showing up and ringing. I did hear, via the grapevine, that the director wants me to take over. I'm not ready to do that just yet. I'm too busy with other stuff right now.

9. I directed our old church's bell choir for 10 years. It's a pretty thankless job - especially when you aren't getting paid to do it. Those days of directing for free are pretty much over for me. I am old and jaded - I need monetary compensation.

10. #1 has his next band performance next Friday at the football game. The whole family is going - unless it rains, of course. He is psyched! This Friday, the boy has a babysitting job. If he's not marchin' he best be workin'!!

11. In two weeks, LLB will be marching with #1 - it's 8th grade Night with the Marching Band. I know she's only in 7th, but she's special... The band director said she could march.

12. The tennies turned up but there is still no sign of LLB's pink lunch box...

13. I completed my very first web design for the ballet studio this week. I am oh so happy with it. It's very ballet - but not too girly. I'd link to it, but that would tell you where I frequent, and we can't have that, can we?

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Clearlykels said...

I Hope llb feels better in time for Sunday School :-) Not that I've cracked open the book-- but I might by then.

That cute little kitten!!

So, wine?

Melanie said...

As always you sound as though there is tons on your plate! :) Lots of luck to the kids and all they have going on! Hope LLB feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you have alot on your mind today....its funny,its usually the tests that we feel we flunked that end up being A's:) Happy TT.

Coco said...

*smiles and waves* i just followed a music teacher link out of curiosity and ended up here. Nice blog.

Believer in Balance said...

I can see your mind is racing with thoughts like mine!

Southern Girl said...

Great list! #3 made me laugh...are you sure you haven't been sniffing my house? ;)

Hope the meds have your little one feeling much better soon.

My TT is up, too:

Yuriko said...

Hope LLB feels better :) I know how she feels...

Happy TT!

Susan said...

Great great list. I love your "fart" comment. Too funny. And hooray for those great grades.

Hey, I'm thinking that my cat might be RELATED to YOUR cat!!

Have a great weekend.

:-) Susan

Anonymous said...

If you have boys, you will have farts. Girls do it to, but more so when the boys are around. They know they can blame the poor boys!!!

On a side note: Looking over your busy list, do you ever meet yourself coming and going?