Wednesday, January 13, 2010


It's cold here.
I don't do cold very well... It gets in my bones and stays there until late spring - I usually thaw out in May.
It's supposedly going up to 39 degrees today. I'll believe it when I see it.
The thought of putting on a swim suit and hitting the pool when the current temperature hovers closer to zero than to freezing makes my lips blue. The only good thing about hitting the pool in this weather is that it is warm in my car - as a matter of fact, I can make my car warmer than my house! That's not saying very much because my house has been relatively chilly this past couple of weeks.  We have a heat pump - they work great when the air temperature is 32 or higher. Once it gets lower than 32, the heat pump is inefficient at best and it costs an arm and a leg for it to keep the house warm. So - I turned it off and we are currently heating with our wood stove.
Our family room is toasty warm.
LLB said to me as she sat in front of the fire this morning, "Mom, my room is cold."
"But you are warm in your bed, right?"
"Yes, but the cold makes getting up in the morning harder."
"The cold air in your room makes you move faster in the morning..."
"Yeah, but..."
I grinned. She sighed and rolled her eyes...
Hmm... I may have hit on something here.
We might never turn the heat back on.

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