Thursday, January 14, 2010

So here's the scenario

I write about something.
Someone else reads it and reads something into it.
They tell someone else. Who tells a third someone else. Then, they all click around and come up with other stuff they think I shouldn't say - they said I said something about yet another person in 2008. Spare me.
That someone else decides that I shouldn't be allowed to write about anything to do with where said something took place.
That someone else decides to hold a meeting to discuss my writing about anything to do with where.
Those at the meeting decide that yet another someone else needs to tell me that I should probably stop writing about anything to do with where.
FYI: I have written about where less than 5 times in the history of this here blog.
I think I'm being censored...
I think I don't like it much...
I think that if that first someone else and that second someone else had handled the situation appropriately, this would all be moot.
'nuf said.

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