Sunday, January 03, 2010

Hang on Toto!!

The wind is whipping! I feel like we might be blown away! It sounded like a freight train all night... and all day yesterday - which was when I was out driving in it.

LLB and I went shopping and to the movies yesterday instead of staying home and taking those pictures I promised you. We had a great day - I may have found the drapes - which I purchased for a song - but I need to wait to see the bedding before I get too excited.  LLB got some bargains and spent her Kohls' gift card that was burning a hole in her pocket. I got some goodies for some of LLB's friends for next Christmas - yes, I've already started.  I also picked up some frames so I can get all of the school pictures from years past up on the wall. (I have the current year's pix up in the family room, but the rest are sitting in a drawer and that, my friends, is totally unacceptable.)

So this morning, I am up and dressed and ready to start my day. I even made the bed so I could take that picture you've been wanting to see.  I have a before and an after...  Here is the before:

It doesn't give you the whole sense of how bad it really was, so you can use your imagination. Mr. is steaming off that hideous blue paper. I told you it was attractive... imagine a whole room with bows and flowers... it was exactly of what nightmares are made...

Here is the "somewhat" after... The painting is done. The crown is up. The loveseat needs a slip cover, but you can ignore that and the curtains and rods aren't up yet...

Soon that ugly 1986 carpet will be hardwood flooring - stay tuned.  But anyway, now you can see what we've been doing with our free time.

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