Monday, January 04, 2010

Splish Splash

I got a shower at the Olive Garden.

We went to dinner with friends before we went to the movies the other night. We were seated after quite a long wait.  As we sat down, the waitress asked what we'd like to drink. We gave our orders and perused the menu.

She brought out everyone's beverage and proceeded to place each glass on the bitter edge of the table. I have no idea why she did that, but the whole thing made me nervous.  She made her way around the table and when she got to my dear friend seated next to me, she put hers so close to the edge that we were sure it would tip.  The next and final beverage was for my dear friend's husband. He ordered a very large glass of ice water with lemon.

In a split second, I was soaked. I'm not sure what happened or how. I just know that one moment I was dry, and the next,  I had a whole glass of water all over me - as in shoulder to bum and everything in between. Now - it's not summer. It's winter and it's just down right cold. The wind was blowing so hard that you could feel the cold coming through the windows at the restaurant and we were on the wall side away from the windows. Ice water in any form is not what I had in mind for a shower.

I took it all in stride as it wasn't anything sticky or hot. It was water. I did not make a stink. I did not fuss. I did not even flinch. I salvaged my purse and my jacket and requested another napkin.  My rear end and lap were soaked - as in even my undies were wet.  But, it was just water... no biggie.  It will dry.  The waitress apologized, brought me another napkin, and then disappeared.

The waitress then proceeded to ignore our table. THAT is a big fat no-no. 

If we have to chase you down for more salad,  another breadstick, or even the check, we are not impressed.  I've never had bad our lousy service at the Olive Garden before, so I'm sure she was simply mortified. Unfortunately her behavior cost her part of her tip.  I am a very good tipper, but not last night. She got the 15% she was entitled to and not one penny more. I considered giving her 10%, but I'm not totally nasty. Personally, I think she should have given me a discount because of my shower, but... whatever.

So - if you go to the Olive Garden, bring a towel - the showers are mighty cold!

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