Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tomorrow - Yikes!

Is the beginning of my long term sub assignment.
This may be the last you see of me for a while as I will be very busy.
Today I went to school and made sure I have a lesson plan to get through tomorrow. I will also go through some files and start making lesson plans for the rest of the week.
Am I nervous?
Ummm... yes. I have 6 classes of kids who have to learn their math and science while their regular teacher is gone.
The teacher will be in contact if I need her - this is far different from what I was told last week. I'm sure my total freak out to the principal and assistant principal had some effect. She has given me her phone numbers and email address. This makes me feel far more comfortable. I spent some time with her and we went over all kinds of things - how to do attendance, when lunch happens and how to work that split class, how the new fire drill procedures work, and more. She showed me the kids' tests, homework assignments, and the class rosters.
These kids are now mine.
They have no idea what will be waiting for them when they arrive tomorrow morning... bwahahahahaha!!!

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