Saturday, January 23, 2010

Horse Sense

I have little knowledge of horses - I rode when I was little, but that doesn't really count. I know they are big and smart and can smoosh me like a bug at any moment.

We are watching our neighbor's horse and dogs while they are off skiing. Their horse knows that I'm a total equine moron - he can just tell.

We arrived for care and feeding the other night. LLB took the dogs in and I was left to the horse. I found the feed right where they said it would be.
I looked for his bucket. They said it was to the right of the barn... I asked him where his bucket was...
The horse just looked at me.
(He was standing right next to his feed bucket. In my defense it was pitch black and rainy. I couldn't see much.)
"Hey, Lady... are you here to feed me? My bucket is right here...
Lady.. walk this way... that's it... come closer... (Good God! This one is an idiot!)
sigh... (shuffles feet)
Lady, I'm showing you where my bucket is. (shifts feet and nods head)
sigh (rolls eyes)
Ahh.. finally. Thanks lady!" (mmmm... yumm!)

The next morning we went over in the daylight.
The horse kicked his bucket when I got out of the car.
He was going to be sure I knew where his bucket was... And since we were a little later he is normally fed, he was probably pretty hungry.
"Lady - the bucket - it's here. (rolls eyes and kicks bucket)
Neigh (OMG! She's back! I wonder if she can find the feed bucket in the daylight. Kicks bucket again.)
Lady - can you move a little faster? I'm hungry! (shuffles feet)
Sigh - Geez, it's about time!
Thanks mmmm I love sweet feed!" (stuffs whole head in bucket for maximum satisfaction)

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