Saturday, January 16, 2010

Samba anyone?

In a nutshell - nothin' much...
The kids are at TriCounty Band - #1 has a solo.  He is psyched.  He stayed up late to learn it.
LBB told the kid next to her that he could have the trumpet solo because she wasn't going to have time to practice it. FYI: the bus arrived back at school at 9:45pm last night. She's pretty slick... There was no way she was going to stay up late to learn a solo...
They are playing a "samba".
At breakfast this morning:
Dad, what's a Samba?
It's a dance - Lets's look it up on the internet, LLB.
Here's a link to a video...
Wow, Dad.. that's a cool dance... Hey, check out her outfit.
Yeow - you will NOT be dancing Samba... ever.

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