Friday, January 15, 2010

Good Goggles

Make all the difference in the world!
Who knew that prescription swim goggles would make such a huge difference when I'm swimming. FYI: Being able to see the clock and especially the wall makes the swim far more pleasant. I'm not saying it's not boring... it's still pretty boring swimming up and down the pool, but at least I can see... and picking out different items on the bottom of the pool helps pass the time.
I normally just see the big blue blob of a lane marker on the bottom of the pool... The big blue blob ends in a T shaped blob near the end of the pool. This used to be my signal to "pay attention - the wall is somewhere ahead".  There is also a big T on the wall at the end of the pool... when one is as nearsighted as I am, one never really knows where the wall is until one hits it. 
Today I could see the wall.  I could see the grout lines in the lane marker at the bottom of the pool.  I had no idea it was tile. I thought it was painted!! It's a whole new pool!
So - if you wear glasses or contacts for nearsightedness and you swim, I highly recommend prescription goggles. I got mine online for $5 or so.  It's the best $5 I've ever spent.

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