Friday, January 05, 2007

It's Friday...

My dog is wigged out... he's growling because Mr. is in the office with the door shut and is talking on the phone. Zebbie can hear the muffled voice and is worried that it is an intruder... UGH!!!

So - my phone is tied up.. My dog is nervous.. Mr. wants it quiet... I think I'd better go eat some breakfast or do some laundry before I lose it!

I do have a cute story for you.

Yesterday afternoon I was waiting in the parking lot for the children. #1 came out and got into the car.
"Where's your sister?"
"I dunno and I'm not going in to find her."
I wait another 2-3 min. No LLB.
I watch their bus pull in.
"Does she know she's a car rider?"
"Yes, Mom. She's always late. She's always last to come out."
"Will you go find her?"
"No. She's coming."
I see HP's mom pull up. I mosey toward the door to peek in to see if I can see her.
HP leans out of his car "Hi!"
"Hi HP! Have you seen LLB?"
"Yup. She's inside."
We all laugh.
I can't get the school door open because it is locked. I'm not walking around that school because by the time I get all the way around, she'll be out - I know it.
#1's friend, J, is waiting for his mom and says, "You looking for LLB?"
"She's always last, you know. She's a girl. Girls are slow."
I grin...
I schlep back to my car.
Finally - she emerges...
She looks around. I'm the only mother there. She doesn't see me. - I'm the white beacon parked in front of the door... She notices.
"Oh... Hi Mom!"
I shake my head... I have to laugh.

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