Friday, January 19, 2007

Zebbie's Tale

Hello! It's me - Zebbie.
Don't cha just love this picture of me?
I've distracted mom and hijacked her blog. I'm going to tell you how brave I am.

I have a very big bark for a little dog. I have perfected it to keep my family safe. I practice by barking at birds, the mail lady's truck, the horse next door, and the tv.
Just last night, when Mom was getting ready to take me out for my last potty run, I knew there was something vicious out there. I growled. I get bigger when I growl. Mom was not impressed.
We went out on the back deck. I sniffed a presence. I am sure it was something big and nasty. I'm sure it was a bear or a lion or something huge like that. I growled... my deepest most menacing growl. I was wicked scary - honest!!
Mom's eyes were rolling around and she said, "Knock it off, Zebbie. Do your 10 drops. It's cold out here."
Then I heard it. I barked and barked. I even howled. (I was really really scared umm... I mean scary then!!) I scared the big bad monster away. I heard it scamper off into the woods. Mom thinks it was a deer. I am sure it was much bigger than that! It really sounded like a bear or maybe even a tiger or an elephant crashing through the brambles.
Then, just to make sure it knew not to come back and that I am the big dog around here, I did a giant poopie.
Mom chuckled... I'm still trying to figure out why....


Katherine said...

OH, so brave! So big and scary! So darn cute!

Sparky Duck said...

you kick arse Zebbie

Ramblins of a middle-aged goddess said...

You always do so well with animal stories. I remember first reading your blog about your cat and loving it then just as much as now...Zebbie is a cutie. WE are off to get a new cat tomorrow. We have missed Lucy so bad since her death!! I hope we can find one that was a loving as she was. We will never forget her. sandy

Unknown said...

You are hilarious Zebbie!