Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wordy Wednesday

I was sitting at dinner the other night. Mr. had made juicy burgers and roasted eggplant on the grill. I love eggplant and we eat it all the time.
I took a bite of eggplant and my mouth felt suddenly funny. I thought it was odd, but I took another bite. (Yes, I'm brilliant!)
The right side of my mouth blew up like a balloon. As did my tongue.
I said, "I think my mouth ith thwelling."
Mr. about dropped his fork.
"Are you okay?"
I trotted off to the nearest mirror and thure enough - my thongue wath a bit thwollen ath well ath the thide of my mouth on which I chewed the eggplant.
Now don't get your knickers in a twist, I could breathe - no problem there. If there had been, I'd have dialed 911.
I called Grambug. I thaid,"Hi. I ate eggplant and my mouth ith thwelling a bit. What do I take?"
"Call the doctor." Click.
Okay... I called the doctor. I left a methage.
The thwelling thtarted to go down.
The doc called me back and told me no more eggplant - ever - and to take 2 benadryl.
2? OMG! That's enough to knock out a full grown elephant! I have a church meeting in a half hour!
By the time Mr. and I arrived at the meeting, my tongue and side of my mouth were back to normal, but my eyes were rolling around in my head.

Thus ends my love affair with eggplant...


Nicole said...

too funny! Since you can still breath, walk or dance for one more minute or song!

Michelle said...

I'm glad everything turned out okay! Quite interesting that this would comeon suddenly - especially since you had eaten egg plant before. Maybe you could be tested to see if it really was the egg plant! My WW is up!

Just D said...

ooooh! Thcary! I'm tho glad you're alright! I, mythelf, can't thtand eggplant, tho I think I would have thrown up inthtead of blown up...but thcary nonetheleth. No more eggplant my dear!

Katherine said...

Totally cracked me up with your literal translation of your words, i.e., "methage." That's so weird that it would happen to you when you could eat it before...

Anonymous said...

Yeek! I've heard about people developing food allergies out of the blue. My husband is allergic to peanuts. I carry the children's Benadryl strips in my purse. He usually detects the allergy right away after a small dose, and the strips dissolve instantly and are usually enough to do the trick.

Susan said...

How strange to have that happen after all these years. I love the way you wrote it up...too funny!!

Have a GREAT WW is up.

:-) Susan

Unknown said...

You're hysterical LadyBug!

Reese said...

Oh I love egg plant! How sad.

MaR said...

I plain love your sense of humor!
(sorry about one of your favorite veggies, though!)