Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tuesday Tidbits

Here's the update on Zebbie:
He probably has a stomach thing going on that is normally something they see in the summer months, but because it has been so warm, they are seeing it now. Great... He's probably had it in his system for a while and got stressed and set the whole mess off. Great...

That said, Zebbie is on a rice diet. He likes the rice. He does not like the pills he's supposed to take. He eats the treat and spits out the pill. It's quite an art form... We have to mash them and hide the powder in his food.

He was doing pretty well until 7:45 am this morning when I found a lovely little liquified poopy present in the dining room. Yes, I have a light colored rug. Yes, Ive been spraying and blotting like a madwoman. No, I am NOT HAPPY. All the doggy gates are going back up as I write this. He will have access only to the kitchen - the rest of the house is now off-limits.

Mr. Bug arrived home after a long long drive from the Great White North. He was tired, but happy to be home. The Creampuff ran great! The only problem he had was that the windshield wiper fluid froze solid while he was up there in -10 weather. His brothers helped him defrost and siphon out the "summer mix" and put in the "-40 winter mix" fluid.

I got into bed last night about 10:30 or so.
Mr. Bug was snoring like a chainsaw. I took out my sudoku puzzle and was filling in the numbers waiting for the noise to stop.
Mr. Bug turned and looked right at me.
He said, "What are you doing here?"
"I live here."
He sat straight up and said, "Are you sure?"
"Yes, dear. We're married."
He thought about that for a moment. "Oh. Okay."
"Go to sleep, dear."
The next thing I knew he was curled up and snoring again. He was one tired Bug! I giggled... I'm still giggling about it.


Katherine said...

So sorry about Zebbie! I hope he's better soon. For his sake and the sake of all the rugs in your house. Mr. Bug cracks me up!

Susan said...

At least you have a plan and a diagnosis for Zebbie. I hated it when the dog got sick and it messed up my rugs. I would put the gate up too...

I'm laughing at your hubby's comment. He must have really been tired.

Have a great day!!

:-) Susan

Unknown said...

Sounds like Mr. Bug needs a little "winter mix" of his own.

Melli said...

ROFL! Sounds like Mr. Bug was having a "zombie" moment! That is too funny!

I sure am sorry about Zebbie... ew! Did you take a picture of it for GROSS this weekend? Do you DO the PHOTO HUNT? LOL!