Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Yet another Wordy Wednesday

I took this picture on my street out my car window. Isn't it cool?! (You may want to click to enlarge to truly appreciate it.)

Jazz Update: No rehearsal. The teacher isn't starting for another couple of weeks... I dunno why. Whatever. The children were disappointed, but they'll survive.

LLB had to write a paper about the one person in her life that she looks up to as a role model. Guess who she picked? ME!! I'm tickled. I was thinking about sharing her paper, but I don't know if I should... Do you think I should??

#1 applied for a job at the local Tractor Supply. It seems he's big enough, but he's not old enough. They thought he was 16. Alas, he is only 14. They don't hire anyone under the age of 16. It's too bad because they are missing out on one really great hard-working kid! Now he wants to apply at the local burger joint. They'll definitely hire him. I'm not too keen on that. What do you think? Should I let him?

Update on the Grandbugs: As of this minute, the purchase and sale on their house should be signed. (Key words: Should Be) I've not mentioned any of this because I didn't want to jinx it. They had an offer on the house before they left for New England in early January. They are due to close on the 31stand been getting estimates for movers, fixing stupid idiotic things that the buyers' " (insert explative here) inspector" said needed to be fixed, and generally getting ready to move. We at the Crossing are so excited!! LLB is counting the days until she gets her Gram and Grandpa back. Just so you know how much she wants them here: LLB heard us say something about the house being sold. LLB knew that Gram and Grandpa were due to leave in the morning. She said, "So it's sold. That means you can just stay here, right? That means you don't have to leave, right?"

The Christmas Tree: Yes, I finally found some acceptable ornament storage boxes. I packed them all up yesterday. The tree is coming down and going up into the attic today. That means all kinds of furniture shifting. And while I'm moving furniture, I should move the Grandbug's piano into their living room, shift the rug from their guest room to their loft, retrieve my living room end table that they were using as a night stand, and get my Christmas dishes out of their china cabinet (so they have a place to put all their stuff). Then I'm off to lunch with a friend. Think I'll get it all done??


Anonymous said...

How beautiful is this?!!! Wow, so awe-inspiring.


Mine's posted also.
Happy Wednesday

Nicole said...

great picture.
yes post paper
yes let boy get a job- less allowance necessary from you - but leads to you having to drive him around more... Tradeoffs.
I have every confidence that you will not get it done!
Now keep on walkin!

Katherine said...

I LOVE that picture - that's one to blow up and frame. Of course you should share LLB's report on the best role model mom in the world! I don't think 14 is too young to learn about responsibility and have a job. As long as you don't mind driving him back and forth, I guess...

Ramblins of a middle-aged goddess said...

Yes, share the paper...Yes let him get the job..never too soon to let him learn the meaning and responsibility of his own money and how you have to work to get it and Yes I hope you get it all done...NOW I am tired from all of this. Course you always make me tired. I am just sitting here being lazy and quiet today..My WW is up if you find the

Lazy Daisy said...

Today may well be new baby day. She certainly has gotten in some "practice contractions". Said a prayer for grandbugs house sell going through this time. Stayed tuned for the big unveil!

Just D said...

pretty picture! Congrats on the grandbugs...I'm so happy for you all!

Melzie said...

Picture is gorgeous! About the job..

Paper-- oh, at least share parts!!
Job-- my personal thought, 14 is so young to have a "real" job...

Unknown said...

I hope the house sold. That picture is startlingly beautiful.

Susan said...

YES you need to share the paper!! And yes, you probably should let your son get the job--if the hours are right.

Again, you have a lot of stuff to do. Blessings as you go.

:-) Susan