Thursday, January 18, 2007

LLB's Paper

If you don't want to read LLB's Role Model paper, please don't. I'm certainly not offended.

My Role Model - My Mom

I chose my mom as my role model. I chose her because she has the character traits of a good role model. She’s honest, fair, responsible, caring, smart, and an all around great mom.

My mom is honest. She always tells the truth. If she thinks the truth might hurt someone’s feelings, she tells it in a way that will not sting so much. She always finds something nice to say about everyone; even if she’s upset or annoyed with them. Mom reminds me to find one nice thing that I can say about every person I meet. Sometimes that’s a hard thing to do.

My mom is responsible. She doesn’t spend more money than she has. She tries to purchase everything on sale. She’s quite a good bargain hunter! She is always on time. She hates to be late. Mom reminds me to set my alarm at night; she tells me that this is the first step toward independence. My mom is a member of our church vestry. She says it’s important to volunteer at the church. She’s the one who convinced me to be an acolyte.

My mom is caring. She gives up time for her self to volunteer at the library and at our school. She goes on every field trip with me. I know that she doesn’t want to go on all of them, but she does it for me. Mom is always willing to help a friend in need. She will put her chores aside and share a cup of tea and conversation with a friend. My mom is the best snuggler. She always takes time to snuggle on the couch and make me feel like I am the most important person in her life. Mom is always available for a hug, too. Some kids get embarrassed when their moms hug them in public. My mom tries to be aware and not embarrass me. That is very thoughtful of her.

My mom is smart. She is an excellent musician and takes time to help me with my trumpet. She always knows how to figure out those tough rhythms. My mom is a handbell ringer and director. She will bring the art of handbell ringing to people who don’t have handbell choirs of their own. We do this together. We do workshops to help people learn about handbells. I am always amazed at how patient and kind she is. She never makes new ringers feel stupid. She tells them that they are doing great even when they really stink!

My mom is an all around great mom. She washes our clothes, cleans our rooms, helps with our homework, drives us to and from our many activities, and is totally dedicated to my dad. Mom can fix anything with duct tape and paperclips. I hope I can learn to do that, too. Mom also balances her time. She has time for us and time for everyone else. She even has a blog that she updates every day. She shares our family with our friends and family across the country and the world. It’s really cool!

My mom is a terrific role model and I’m glad she’s my mom.


Katherine said...

OMG, that was fantastic! What a great writer she is. She really captured you. The best line ever, "...fix anyting with duct tape and paperclips." Are you McGuyver in disguise, hee hee. Seriously, that was so touching, you must be so proud. Obviously, you're doing a wonderful job!

Susan said...

That made me cry!! I love it...and know that you will treasure those words always. How precious that she took the time to "put her heart on paper"...


:-) Susan

Reese said...

That was the nicest thing I've read in a long time. What a wonderful job you have done raising her.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's just my mood, but that made me cry. What a wonderful relationship you have there!
I can only hope that my kids say such nice things about me when they grow up.

Unknown said...

This is so beautiful. LLB loves you very much. I have tears in my eyes, this is such a wonderful expression of love.

kristi said...

That is just precious! I hope you kept a copy of it to save forever. put it on your blog. Anyways, that is really very sweet!