Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Well, we didn't see the ball drop. We conked out at 11:30. Must have been that hot buttered rum that sent me off to dreamland before midnight...

It's Monday... I guess you are all looking for a Monday Memory...

Monday Memories: Did I ever tell you About the time I got pulled over by the Sherrif?

LLB was still ice skating once a week about an hour NE of here. Let me tell you, that's a long drive on dark country roads with deer and other wildlife jumping out at you for no reason...

Anyway, I had Grambug and LLB in the car. We had stopped off for some dinner and some serious outlet shopping before heading home. When we got into the car, it was dark and it looked a little foggy.

As I headed south I noticed that there was no moon, it was pitch black out and the fog got thicker - kind of like pea soup. You can't use highbeams to see, because the light just bounces off the fog. I would have loved to use just yellow parking lights, but I didn't want to get stopped for no headlights.

I hoped I would come upon someone that I could follow... Nope... I had a line of traffic behind me. I slowed way down in the hopes that someone would pass me so that I could follow them. Nope...

I basically followed the yellow line in the center of the road all the way... When I passed the school, I knew I only had 8 more miles - about 15 minutes to go. I heaved a sigh, because I knew the roads really well from that point. I came out of town - only 5 more miles...

I followed the yellow line... I saw some deer on the side of the road - on my side. I hugged the yellow line. I basically became one with the yellow line. Grambug and I were chatting about the lovely glass of wine we were going to have upon arrival at The Crossing.

A car pulled out of the only side street and slid in behind me. I paid no attention. I was focused on the yellow line and my glass of merlot. I slowed down and turned on my left hand turn signal. I turned into my development. Then it happpened...

The blue lights... The siren - Woop Woop.

Grambug looked at me and said, "What did you do?"
"I dunno. I turned left."

The Sherrif comes up with the flashlight and shines it on me. He says, "Umm... good evening... Have you been drinking?"
I hand him my license.
"No." (But I'm gonna when I get home!)
He shines it in the car and sees two more lovely ladies - A very wide eyed LLB and Grambug.
He says, "Umm... Oh...." He looks a little sheepsih. He has obviously stopped the wrong car. We are definitely not teenagers out drinking and driving in the fog.
"Where are you coming from?"
"The outlets in X."
"Did you know that you were hugging the center line?"
"Yes. It's really foggy and I can't see. I've been driving for over an hour in this fog and I saw deer on the edge of the road before you turned on... I'm almost home." (I'm 2 miles from the house...)
He looks at my license and says, "I see that."
He hands it back and says, "I'm Sheriff Y. Have a good night."
"Thanks." I smile and roll up my window.

I drive away....
Grambug says, "I think we deserve something a little stronger than that glass of wine!"
We giggle hysterically...

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Just D said...

whoops - I dont't have a MM, I accidently linked in...need MORE COFFEE... just wanted to comment though. I HATE fog and there is an infamous tale my mother tells of me screaming hysterically as a two year old while she was driving in the fog - I couldn't see out the window and was terrified. I still feel that way but now I "hug the yellow line" just like you!

Unknown said...

Great story LBC, very enjoyable.

Katherine said...

Ooh! Lucky you! Your winning personality and undeniable charm obviously helped you escape a ticket.