Monday, January 08, 2007

Monday Memories

Monday Memories: Did I ever tell you About My Cats and The Cat Carrier?

My cats have an aversion to the cat carrier. As a matter of fact, they hate it. When they see it, they run.

Some very lucky people can put the cat carrier out the day before the vet visit to get the cats acclimated. I cannot. I have to hide mine in the garage. I have to stealthily grab a cat and quickly remove it to the garage where I engage in all kinds of acrobatics to stuff the very unhappy cat into the carrier. If I am eventually successful, the cat is in the carrier and I still have hair.

Most times, the cat has held on to the edge of the crate with all 4 paws - just like in the cartoon - and with much hissing and gnashing of teeth manages to escape his temporary encarceration. I'm forced to start over. Find and stuff - that's my motto. I have been known to remove the cars from the garage before beginning the crating process just so they can't hide under them or in the engine. I'm getting wise in my old age.

It often takes to grown ups and one child to crate a cat. The elders hold two cat feet each and stuff, while the youngster slams the door shut. Of course all of these antics are noisy and the poor pitiful cries of the first now crated cat alert the second cat to her impending doom. By this time, though, I'm on my last frazzled nerve and adrenaline alone is all I need to get the second fickle feline crated. It's amazing how fast a crazy woman can catch a cat and stuff it in a crate!

I usually arrive at the vet covered in sweat and cat hair. I'm always at my most attractive when I haul my two howling and hissing cat crates in and plunk them, unceremoniously, on the exam table. Maxine is my stylist for all vet visits.

I am a cat owner. This is what I do.


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Katherine said...

Yep, I feel your pain!

Just D said...

My vet taught me a trick. First, get the cat cornered in a bedroom or bathroom. Have a pillowcase creased up in both hands so that the inside closed bottom part of the pillowcase is facing the cat - do a swoop and stuff whereby you bend down and swoop the cat into the end of the pillowcase and quickly stand, lifting up the sides so that the cat is now cradled in the bottom of the case and you are safely holding on to the top edges of the case. No more scratches and bites. Now very unceremoniously and with no dignity whatsoever, dump the cat straight into the open carrier (which is standing on end with open side facing up), slam the door, and smile to yourself. Tahdahhh! Seriously - I've cancelled so many vet appt.s cause I couldn't get the cats in the cage - this works like a charm even if you have to sort of chase the cat with the pillowcase!

Ramblins of a middle-aged goddess said...

Yes the above trick does work but I take our cat Simon on the front porch where he cannot go ANYWHERE. I have the cat carrier sitting with the door up. I get him and put a towel over his eyes and put him straight down into the crate and it works. He is a BIG scardy cat even of himself...this is the best way that I have found and he is QUITE THE BIG PROBLEM. Lucy was always so easy. She just walked in!! Go see my MM today...It is up..Sandy

Hootin Anni said...

I'm sorry, but your description is so vivid....and quite a memory I might add. Okay, I have to chuckle, 'cause I went through the same stuff many-a-time 'til I learned to gently cover the kitty's eyes before terror strikes them!!

I have two. And love 'em dearly, but the vet trips are a horrendous chore. I can empathize with them tho....

Happy Day.
Nice to meet you (I came here via Flip Flop Floozie's blog)

Norma said...

We have a similar problem. We keep the crate hidden, then grab the cat, then stuff. Then we close her in a dark room for about 30 minutes so she is all settled before the car trip.

My Monday Memories this week is about a hymn book from the 1870s. Stop by and take a look.

Susan said...

I was so happy when we moved to our present city. The vet does all his appointments by housecall! No more crating anything...thank goodness.

Have a GREAT day.

:-) Susan

Unknown said...

Hi LadyBug - I linked up without thinking, I don't have a Monday Memory posted. I can relate to your post, my cats hated their carrier too. I would use all sorts of tricks and gimmicks, eventually I had to stuff them in.