Sunday, September 30, 2007

Some People...

I went to a band competition to see #1 march. They did well and the show was terrific. I'll tell you all about it when I get the pix uploaded.

I was leaving - along with a gazillion other people. I was stopped behind one lady and there was another behind me -- this is what happens when a gazillion people try to leave a parking lot all at the same time. There is a group of cars on the way in for the next group of competitions. This woman in a blue car with Maryland plates pulls up. I hope she's reading!!! She is perpendicular to me. She wants an open spot that she can't get to because I am in the way.

I open my window to tell her that there are tons of great spots right by the gate if she just keeps going. This particular spot is at least 1/4 mile away from the gate. She tells me she wants that one. I explain - very nicely - that there are great spots right next to the gate and that she really should keep going.

She yells, "I want THAT spot!"

I can't back up. I can't pull forward. The lady has two choices here -- wait for the traffic to move or continue on towards the gate and the better parking spots. I roll up my window. There is nothing more to say.

She flips me the bird and drives away! She gave me the finger!!! This is a band parent, people!!! I told Grambug, "I hope she finds a terrific spot right next to the gate and then feels bad about what she did."

So - if you know a woman with no class who drives a blue car with Maryland plates and who went to a band competition in Herndon yesterday - tell her I said to have a nice day and that I hope she enjoyed that great spot next to the gate I told her about! Oh, and you could tell her that band people don't give other band people the finger.

Now we know why some people's kids are the way they are.


Unknown said...

Seems to me that flipping you the bird was crass and undeserved.

Susan said...

Amen, sister! Apples do NOT fall far from trees. And we wonder why and how little children learn to be rude!

Clearlykels said...

Are you serious? People still do that? Oh geez. Well, wasn't she missing some class. I hope her kids don't grow up to be so crass.