Tuesday, July 01, 2008

All clean and tidy

For now.

LLB's room has been shoveled out. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I do have some shelves of children's books that need to be weeded, but basically, her room, drawers, and closet have been cleaned and tidied.

I need to go in there and dust and vacuum, but that will take just a few minutes compared to the whole morning I spent in there yesterday.

In the afternoon, I was going to flop on the couch, but #1 wanted to go through his things and start to pack for camp. He will be gone for 3 weeks. So... we went through his things. We packed a trunk for his first 12 days away. We set aside what he needs me to bring up for the following however many days he will be gone. We went through every drawer. We cleaned the closet. We weeded his book case. We tossed, chucked, and sorted.
His room is looking pretty darned good, too!

He has shelves that need to be weeded, but I'll do that later this week or when he's gone. The tough stuff is done!

#1 and I worked hard. We chatted. We laughed. It was tough stuff, but it was fun... He's such a terrific kid...

#1 is learning how to drive. Grandpa is teaching him.
They went for a lesson yesterday. The car #1 is learning to drive is the one he will be driving - it's a stick shift 1990 Camry. It's a total cream puff. #1 is really enjoying that car! He came in yesterday after his lesson and said, "Mom, that car is awesome! I love that car!"

Ahh yes, my #1... it will be much cheaper to insure than anything else. You best enjoy it and take care of it.

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