Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Packing it up...

LLB is off to her band camp on Sunday.
That means we need to get her stuff back into her trunk...

At least this camp is only a few days as opposed to the last one that lasted over a week. I've been going over the list and I think we have everything - I even got her a new music stand. I'm so nice. (Actually, she got it because it was only $6.)

I am sure I can even manage to get her sleeping bag and pillow into her trunk along with her clothes and other goodies. It makes moving in and out of the dorms a whole lot easier!!

#1 is still off at his camp. We haven't heard from him, so we are sure he is having a terrific time! The house is particularly quiet with him gone. Although, not having to fight for the TV is kinda nice... ;-)

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