Friday, July 11, 2008


Yesterday we dropped #1 off at his camp.
Thus we started 3 weeks without our boy at home.
Will he miss us? Maybe...
Will we miss him? You bet!
It sure is quiet around here...

This week - as in two days ago - LLB started with a new trumpet teacher - Mr. N. He is very good. This morning I got an email from LLB's band teacher about a new trumpet teacher, Mr. R, who lives close by. He is a trumpeter from the Army Band. I called Mr. R and he seems very nice. LLB will have a lesson with him next week and we will decide if she will keep this new Mr. R or stay with Mr. N. I'm kinda hoping she likes Mr. R. He lives close... And close works around here.

I did some scrapbooking with my friend R last night. I got 12 pages done! I am inspired. I might have to do some more today instead of laundry.

Yup... That sounds far more enjoyable!

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