Sunday, July 27, 2008

Two Kids - no more waiting...

I will have both children home today.

"LLB do you want to go get #1 at camp tomorrow or do you want to stay home and rest?"
"Mom! I miss him. I am GOING with you!"
"Okay. You'll need to leave the sleepover a little early."
"That's fine. I need to see #1."

LLB is at a sleepover.
I'm picking her up at 11.
#1 is coming home from camp today.
We're getting him at 2.

Tonight, there will be two children lounging on the couch watching TV and playing video games.

They will giggle.
They will sit close.
They will chat and tell stories.

I will do laundry.
I will fold clothes.
I will watch them - out of the corner of my eye.
I will be silent.
I will listen.

Otherwise, I will get absolutely no information!

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