Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Trumpet Trauma

LLB called home yesterday.
I answered the phone and heard a little tiny voice on the verge of tears say, "Mom, it's LLB."
"Hi LLB!!! How are you? What's wrong?"
"My trumpet fell and it has a dent in it."
"Oh no! Do you need me to bring another one on Thursday?"
"No... Mom... my trumpet..."
"Don't panic! We can fix it." Meanwhile I'm totally panic stricken! Holy cow! I hope it isn't the bell! That would be ugly.
"LLB, where is the dent? Is it big?"
"On the middle slide. And yup.. it's pretty big." Maybe she didn't dent the slide itself and we can still get that out and the repair shop can fix it.
"Does it still play?"
"Um.. I dunno. Let me try..."
Blink. Blink. Are you kidding? You don't know if it plays? You didn't try it? Well, it probably just happened just this second...
I listen. I hear sound. It's not as clear as usual, but it might be that she pulled the phone away.
"Mom... I love my trumpet. Sniff"
"LLB, I know... Don't worry. Are you having fun?"
"Yes!! I'm in the top band!"
"That's terrific! That's what you wanted, right?"
"Sniff... yup."
"How is your room mate? Do you like her?"
"She is great! She plays french horn and she is in the same band as me."
"Oh, I'm so glad. LLB... whose phone are you using?"
"My friend's."
"Okay. Listen. Let's not run up her minutes. I'll email Mr. H right away and find out what to do with your trumpet. You don't worry. Just go and have fun. I'll bring another trumpet with me when I come down - just in case. I'll see you Thursday, k?"
"I love you. Don't worry."
"k... I love you... bye."

So... The child is fine, but the trumpet has had some trauma. This is her trumpet's first "real" injury and she's taking it pretty hard. I just hope they can fix it. I think trumpet injuries are pretty common.

I'll take a picture so you can all see the "dent" when I see her tomorrow. Mr. and I are leaving earlier than originally planned so we can take her a spare horn.

Maybe I'll bring her a Scooby Doo bandaid for her trumpet.

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