Monday, July 21, 2008


Yesterday we drove.

We dropped LLB at her music camp 4 hours from home. The drive down was uneventful until our GPS drove us over the curviest mountain roads ever. We made it, but... LLB was a little green around the gills by the time we arrived.

Kay met us at check in. She told us that she was LLB's suitemate. That worked out better than ever. LLB doesn't have to room with her, and yet they are together. It was a perfect solution. If you don't remember, the issue was that Kay wanted to room with LLB. LLB didn't want to room with her. I wrote a letter to the camp stating that they were friendly, but that LLB wanted to room with someone she didn't know because she wanted to meet new people and make new friends. I'm just glad it all worked out.

Her room is a typical college dorm room - cinderblock walls, ugly bed, teeny tiny bathroom. I put her things in, made her bed, hung her monogrammed towels and tried to make it more like home. Once her roommates things are in there, it will be quite homey I'm sure. The campus is gorgeous. That's all I'm going to tell you about that...

We dropped her off at her audition location a little ways across campus, kissed her goodbye, and took off. We had 4 hours to make it back to see #1 in his production of Godspell Jr. We made it... with 10 min. to spare! His camp group was performing at a church about an hour from his camp, but closer to home for us. We really really wanted to see him - since we won't have him home for another week and Mr. can't go with me to see his final performance at camp on Tuesday.

The performance was AMAZING! #1 had a rap solo and a vocal solo. I had no idea the child could sing! I sat there with my mouth hanging open. He's pretty good. Who knew???

We arrived home 12 hours after we left. We were tired. Mr. drove 9 hours yesterday. I am not looking forward to 12 hours in the car to go to the Great White North in 2 weeks. UGH! Heck, I'm not even looking forward to the drive to swap #1's clothes on Tuesday or the 4 hours there and back to get LLB on Thursday...

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