Sunday, February 07, 2021

Busy Weekend

We have had a busy weekend. It started with hauling and stacking logs on Saturday afternoon. Then we split the last 4 chunks we had cut and moved a couple of weeks ago. 

Today we watched the snow fall. It was beautiful! 

Mini enjoyed her time in front of the fire. 

I worked on a wedding gift. It always takes me a long time to choose just the right pattern. I should have practiced my bell tree, but I didn’t. Tomorrow will have to be soon enough for that. Mr worked on some work stuff, practiced his guitar, and shoveled off the driveway in the spots that didn’t look like they were melting in the sun. We watched a rerun of Columbo. Yep... it was a pretty lazy day! 

I made an amazing pot roast for dinner on Saturday - believe it or not, that’s the first one I’ve ever made! I served it over riced cauliflower with sautéed mushrooms and sautéed spinach on the side. Yes, I will be making that again - heck, I’d make another one next week! Normally, we eat our big meal at lunch, but the pot roast needed to cook all day, so dinner it was! We had leftovers for lunch today and it was even better - if that’s possible. I made Mr some egg roll in a bowl for dinner tonight. It’s fast, easy, and healthy. We will have the leftovers for lunch another day. I was never one to really like cooking, but I am enjoying finding and trying new recipes. Maybe one of these days, I’ll learn how to chop vegetables the right way... 🤣

This week I’m onto my third week on the transition to “normal food”.  I am adding dairy back into my diet. The easiest way to do that is to add a serving of yogurt. Next week I’ll add in one slice of whole wheat or rye bread and another serving of protein. Then I’ll be back to an almost normal diet. Pasta, rice, and sweets will only be for special occasions, but that’s fine. I shouldn’t eat it and Mr’s borderline diabetes certainly doesn’t allow for much of the “fun stuff”, either, so it’s ok. 

The snow has melted off the roads, but temps are low. I’ve got the fire going, so it’s nice and warm. Mini is curled up on the couch. Soon she will be telling me it’s time for bed. She is good like that! We don’t need clocks - Mini knows the schedule! She purrs me to sleep at night and pokes Mr awake in the morning! 

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