Tuesday, February 23, 2021

New Crochet Hooks!

 I got a new set of crochet hooks with the handle made by Jerry - a VMI dad friend of mine. Jerry started making wood turned pens - now that he has a little more time, he can have even more fun in the wood shop making hook handles! I highly recommend his products! I got a pen for Mr and when I emailed Jerry to tell him how much I liked it, he told me he could make me a lovely handle to go with a set of crochet hooks. Needless to say, I was hooked! Hahahahaha! 

The set is absolutely amazing! The hooks can store inside the handle when not in use. This is perfect for me! You know how I like things tidy.

The clip is perfect for when I need to put my work down. No more unraveled projects. No cat pulling my work out in the middle of the night. Does it work? You bet! 
Mom - 1 Mini - 0

This hook handle is gorgeous and it fits perfectly in my hand even with the clip on the end. It’s not bothersome at all. 

This is a portable crochet hook necklace! This thing is the bomb! The hook fits inside. The chain disconnects from the hook, so I can use it until I need to move, connect the magnet, and keep going. No more losing my hook under the airplane seat because I had to pee and dropped the hook. Woo!

If you’d like a set like this, I am sure Jerry would love to make one for you. His Etsy shop is:

I highly recommend!! You will not be disappointed! 

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