Thursday, February 04, 2021

Thursday 13

 1. The country is headed in the wrong direction! Biden is a nightmare and Harris is scary! But, the left got what they thought they wanted... 

2. We have worked hard and found a priest. Now the bishops need to talk. Then the vestry decides yes or no. 

3. I finished compiling a packet for the vestry. Today I will photocopy and assemble.

4. I have a bell tree rehearsal today. Let’s see how it goes. 

5. I practiced a lot this week, but sometimes I just make mistakes. 

6. I need to finish a baby sweater this morning. 

7. Mr has an appointment for his second vaccine on March 1. I hope he has no reactions to it. 

8. I heard from #1. He is happy, well, and busy. 

9. LLB is working hard and having a good week. 

10. Laundry is forever. 

11. I am ready for spring so I can turn off the wood stove. I’m tired of dusting.

12. It’s almost time to put the Christmas village away. I love having it out. 

13. I hope and pray the nation can hold on... it’s going to be a really long 4 years. 

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