Thursday, February 18, 2021

Winter continues...

Today it’s cold, sleety, icy, and generally gray and nasty. But, we are warm, have power, heat from the wood stove, and plenty to eat. My sweet Yellow Rose is currently without power and is very cold down in TX. If I had a way to bring her here, I would. She is strong, resilient, and is managing, but with #1 away, it just doesn’t seem quite fair to give her this to deal with, too. I am a little worried that pipes are freezing and she doesn’t know it yet... soon enough, she will find out if the family above her has an ice dam or if their pipes are burst. I am hoping her power is back today. That alone will improve her life 110%. 

Since it’s a cold gray day, I think meatloaf is the perfect meal to serve for lunch today. I am looking forward to turning on the oven and getting that going! If I hadn’t worked so hard to lose the weight, I’d be contemplating baking some cookies this afternoon. Alas, there will be no cookies made today. 

Mini is currently asleep on the bed. She is perfecting her ostrich pose - her head is tucked in. She doesn’t like snow much and the snow cone like stuff falling from the sky excites her even less. She won’t be venturing far from her cozy spots today, I’m sure. Heck, none of us will! 

My afghan awaits... I’d best get to it. I need to finish that one so I can start on another. 

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