Tuesday, May 06, 2008

5 Important Things

D has a contest running over at Straddling the Line.

I chose Option 2:

5 Important Things a High School Graduate Should Know

1. What seemed important during high school turns out to be a blip on the radar screen of life. The drama that ensued is not important and will never matter again. As you cross the stage with your high school diploma, you are starting over. Everything is new. The world is your oyster!

2. College is extremely important. Stay in school and finish. That college degree will open doors you never even imagined were there. Oh - and as important as your bachelors' degree is, your masters will prove to be the icing on the cake. Opportunity will knock on your door far more often.

3. Money isn't everything. Do what you love. Don't major in computer science just because you can get a high paying job right out of college. If you want to be a teacher. or a musician, or a starving artist - do it! You are going to be working a really long time. You might as well be doing something you enjoy. (Although, if you want to eat and pay the mortgage, a decent paycheck might come in handy.)

4. Don't buy an expensive car. They dent just as easily as the cheaper cars and they cost way more money to repair. Do buy a safe, reliable, affordable car - 4 wheels, a motor, air conditioning, and a radio is all you need. They are also cheaper to insure and won't get stolen out of the mall parking lot. (Red is the color to avoid... the cops stop red cars far more often than white cars.)

5. Credit cards are trouble unless you know how to use them. Don't purchase anything unless you can pay for it out of your checking account that minute. The object is to use their money for 30 days while yours is in the bank collecting interest. Pay the balance in full every month. Do NOT ever carry a balance.

Bonus: Marry someone who makes you laugh. Laughter will get you through anything. Looks - not so much!

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