Monday, May 12, 2008

Just Stuff

The children have no school today due to flooding. We are not flooding, but there are low lying areas of the county that I'm sure are under water. I don't know what this does to the last day of school, but I can't sweat it right now.

The funniest thing about this no school thing is that today was supposed to be the Honor Roll Breakfast. Do you remember the donut thing from last year? Every time we tried to have the HR Breakfast, it snowed and we had to cancel the donut order. (We smartened up this year and stopped doing donuts.) I can't even wait to email the principal about the HR Breakfast - LOL!!

I'm supposed to teach my bell class today. I have to find out if they have school. Part of me hopes we don't have school, but my kids NEED that rehearsal!

My church bells played yesterday. They were phenomenal!
As far as I can tell, I'm keeping my bell spot. But, until I hear from the new DOM, I'm simply there until June. That whole committee seems so secretive it makes me crazy. I understand that they need to keep quiet until paperwork is signed and such, but really... Do you want me or not?

While we were having coffee between services yesterday, I discovered that a bunch of the choir members would have left the church had I not taken over the bell choir. One of them even said, "If you leave, I'm out of here, too. If you hadn't come when you did, I would already be gone!"

Huh? Wow. In a narcissistic kind of way, that's wicked cool!

It seems that a lot churches around here are in flux. It also seems that the ministers around here give really boring sermons. I heard more chatter about boring sermons yesterday than I have in some time. (I think that the seminaries should really beef up their sermon writing classes or something.) Now, I did pay attention during the sermon yesterday. I've got to tell you - it WAS boring. It was not inspiring. It was not remotely interesting. AND, it was confirmation Sunday. That is not good for business!! Gram and Grandpa said that the sermon at our tiny church was not so hot, either. Gram said she even zoned out for a while and started thinking of really exciting things like her grocery list...

I've got a busy week ahead. I've got to put the middle school band slide show together... Wish me luck!

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