Thursday, May 01, 2008

Family Life Education

Also known as Sex Ed.

I'm helping to choose the new curriculum in an all day conference today (and another day in the next couple of weeks). I reviewed one such curriculum before Christmas and let me just say that it was for "inner city schools". It will be interesting...

I just hope they provide lunch. (We wonder where LLB gets her love of eating... Actually, she gets that from her dad. I just like lunch.)

On another note - The doc's office called me last night to explain LLB's results and to apologize for the "run around" I got when I called about LLB's strep test. He told me that the front office is being re-trained. (What does that really mean??) I told the doc that I left my previous pediatrician because I got the run around and the front office staff was less than helpful. I really didn't want to leave there (considering I just moved the kids to this office in January.) The docs don't know it, but I won't leave because this office is close to home and the docs themselves are wonderful and thorough.

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