Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things LadyBug Is Thinking About Today

1. Today is Grandpa's birthday! He is not 29 - although he will tell you that he is.
So - if you see him out and about, wish him a very happy birthday.

2. I've had a terrible time with my schedule this week. There are too many things to do and too many places to be. I triple booked myself for Friday afternoon. Fortunately, my family understands this phenomenon and is flexible.

3. LLB has strep AGAIN! She had a tough day yesterday, but is on the mend today.

4. My church bell group is playing on Sunday. One of our members is being confirmed. I wouldn't miss that for the world.

5. In other news, my check book is balanced.

6. I still have too many crafters for my festival this spring. But, one pulled out yesterday -- there's always one.

7. I have to do the slide show for the middle school band this week and the slide show for the high school band next week. I best get my rear in gear...

8. LLB is getting a new trumpet teacher! He is the best around and her current teacher told us she is ready to move on up. Most kids aren't ready for him until they are in 10th grade.

9. It's a rainy day today. I guess that means I'll get some cleaning done... or I could curl up with a good book...

10. I have satellite internet. Their mail server is THE WORST! I currently have 2 messages in my out box that will not send.

11. Mini Kitty has been out catching butterflies. She's so funny as she bounds over the grass, leaps into the air to swipe at and catch those pesky butterflies. Once she catches them, she just sits there - she doesn't really know what to do next.

12. Miss Angel - our best mouser - has been very busy this spring. The other day she left us 2 voles and 1 field mouse by the back door. She's earning her keep.

13. Zeb saw a fox passing through the yard the other day and kept barking to be let out. After the fox had gone into the woods, I let Zeb out. He ran about 20 steps towards the woods, barked a warning, flicked some grass with his back feet, and high tailed it back inside. He's so brave... NOT!

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